Our value proposition

We are driven by knowledge, values and collaboration. We believe that we can create the greatest change on a foundation of strong values and by collaborating with other participants in strong democracy and knowledge organisations.


Democracy’s independent expert advisor

We work to create a vibrant and interactive democracy as a meaningful response to challenging and complex societal challenges. We live in a time when we as a society are faced with difficult political priorities and decisions: How do we ensure a sustainable green transition? How do we strengthen mental health? How do we counteract the rural-urban divide? And, how do we create a democracy where citizens are included and listened to on a foundation of collective decision-making power?

The answers to all these questions require major changes in the way we live together and engage in communities – and with major change comes conflict. Many citizens do not see their own interests reflected in political decisions, and politicians and civil servants experience resistance when trying to implement solutions that best serve the interests of citizens and society. At a time when we need to take decisive action and show courage as a society, the trust between the system and citizens is mutually challenged, making it harder to create the ambitious political change we need.

A new democratic future is possible

At We Do Democracy, we fight to strengthen democracy. We believe that a new and better democratic future is possible, and as democracy’s professional advisor, we work hard to make ambitious policies with broad popular support possible. Through innovative methods, we ensure that as many people as possible are able to actively participate and contribute meaningfully to the change processes our society is facing.

We see and believe in the potential that arises when systems and citizens meet each other in meaningful processes, i.e., processes that go beyond outdated democratic formats. Multiple perspectives make for better decisions, and we work to ensure that the diversity of the population is reflected in the decision-making processes we facilitate.

We connect systems and citizens

Our strong international network and solid professional standing enable us to create forward-thinking democratic innovations – in close collaboration with our clients. We take responsibility for the society we are part of and we thoroughly familiarise ourselves with our clients’ challenges – even those that go beyond our deliverables.

To ensure lasting change and maximum impact from our work, we make sure to build capacity and embed the process in the organisations we work with. We use proven methods to connect systems and citizens. In this way, we ensure better political solutions that are based on broad popular ownership.

We Do Democracy are the independent expert advisors of democracy.

We don’t side with anyone. We side with democracy.


We collaborate widely

The big and complex challenges of our time call for strong and broad collaboration. We believe that work with democratic innovation and citizen engagement is only made stronger by creating strong partnerships and networks where we can both learn from others and share our own experiences and knowledge. This is why we have formed a number of partnerships, both nationally and internationally. What they all have in common is that they are the strongest players in democracy in Denmark and the world.

We reside at Demokrati Garage, which we share with a number of other exciting organisations. Organisations, with whom we both collaborate and exchange experiences.

On this page, you can see some of our partners and networks.


The municipalities’ joint development center.
We work together to develop deliberative democracy with a focus on the development and dissemination of, among other things, citizens’ assemblies.

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A cooperative and analytics agency that specializes in analyzing what can be hard to measure.
They help us gain knowledge and insights and run citizen draws for deliberative processes.

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Provider of a digital citizen engagement platform where citizens and stakeholders can contribute and support deliberative processes such as citizen gatherings and citizen things

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We Do Democracy has been behind the establishment of a collaboration platform between 10 people’s meetings in the Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as Belgian, German and Dutch democracy festivals, all celebrating democracy and participation based on a Scandinavian tradition.

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One of the largest international networks of organizations strengthening deliberative democracy across borders and developing new democratic methods, initiatives and tools that empower more people to influence their own lives and the society they are part of.

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Defend Democracy organizes Democracy Drinks in cities like Brussels, Berlin and Washington with the aim of strengthening an international community of democracy defenders. We Do Democracy hosts Democracy Drinks in Copenhagen

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Supports unconventional and transnational ideas and solutions to Europe’s current and future challenges.

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