We are the leading Nordic advisors in democratic innovation and deliberation

Bringing more people to the table to solve today’s big challenges

We believe in citizens and the power of innovation that resides in meaningful interaction between systems and citizens – as the solution to our society’s greatest challenges and changes.

We give people the opportunity to influence their own lives and the society they are a part of. We bring more voices, perspectives and resources into play when developing solutions and answers to the problems we face. We create solutions that are driven by participation.

Our services

We Do Democracy are expert advisors in democracy and participation. We develop democratic formats that activate the collective intelligence of society and ensure cross-cutting solutions driven by participation. We base our advice on leading international knowledge and practice.

We serve as democracy’s professional partner for municipalities, political organisations, member organisations, foundations, companies and organisations – that are democratically run.

Our services are driven by our deep professionalism and commitment to creating more and better democracy.

We are all committed to renewing and revitalising our democratic heritage and participatory formats in step with the times. We contribute professionally and innovatively. And we want more people to join.

Deliberative democracy

Deliberative citizens’ councils, Citizens’ Assemblies and citizens’ panels are participatory methods that allow representative citizens to develop recommendations on complex issues on an informed basis. The approach gives decision-makers increased democratic legitimacy and a stronger mandate to make bold, long-term decisions. We are Denmark’s leading deliberative advisor, with the most experience and greatest expertise in both organising and facilitating citizens’ councils and assemblies.

Participation strategy

Those who need to drive change need to own change.
To create sustainable solutions and decisions, more people need to be on board to make them.
But how do you involve more people than the ones we usually hear?
How do you ensure that different perspectives are heard?
We design inclusive participation strategies and processes that draw on leading knowledge and international best practice.

Democratic innovation

Democratic innovation refers to new ways of making, developing and understanding politics. It pushes the boundaries of how political decisions are made and tests new methods of co-creation, policy development, participation and implementation. We Do Democracy designs and advises on methods for democratic renewal in association, business, employee and member democracy, as well as institutional democratic institutions.

Representation - get more people on board

Are you struggling with skewed or narrow representation in your membership organization, political committees, board of directors or when you meet citizens? With a clear strategy for representation, we avoid narrow special interests or ‘soldiers of the throne’ taking control at the expense of the wider community. Real representation can also ensure legitimacy and support for decisions.

Facilitation and change management

We are leading expert consultants in designing and operating almost any type of process that requires co-ownership of the solutions. From long, large and complex processes to short, intimate sprints. We use a proven, open, interactive, visual and result-oriented facilitation practice that ensures co-ownership and momentum.

YES in my backyard

We are facing complex transitions and developments in our societies and communities, which unfortunately often end up in polarized conversations, NIMBY movements and political paralysis that drive a wedge between the system and citizens.
More and more people are turning to democracy when it comes to urban development, mobility, renewable energy, climate adaptation, energy supply or coastal protection.
But there is another way, and at We Do Democracy we specialize in the dilemma-filled and difficult conversations!

Knowledge and lectures

We are always busy bringing the latest knowledge to Denmark and bringing our own expert advice into play – so more people can do more!
We share our knowledge at professional events with our partners and are regularly invited to contribute with keynotes and lectures that inspire others to strengthen participation and democracy in their own arenas.

The deliberative democracy wave

The deliberative democracy wave

The deliberative democracy wave These days, there is talk of an international wave of deliberative democracy: countries like Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Belgium and Canada have already experimented with citizen assemblies and innovative forms of democracy -...

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Copenhagen Citizens’ Assembly on the climate area

Copenhagen Citizens’ Assembly on the climate area

How can the City of Copenhagen help its citizens reduce their CO2 emissions? A representative group of the city’s citizens will now gather in a Citizens’ Assembly on the climate area, which over the next three years will make recommendations on how Copenhagen can become a carbon-neutral municipality.

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Climate citizen gathering in Gentofte Municipality

Climate citizen gathering in Gentofte Municipality

Gentofte Municipality involves its citizens in the transition to a more sustainable municipality. Therefore, a citizen involvement process is underway, where 30,000 citizens are invited to become part of a municipal Climate Citizens’ Assembly, which will make recommendations for a climate plan for how Gentofte Municipality can become more CO2 neutral.

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