Copenhagen Citizens’ Assembly on the climate area

How can the City of Copenhagen help its citizens reduce their CO2 emissions? A representative group of the city's citizens will now gather in a Citizens' Assembly on the climate area, which over the next three years will make recommendations on how Copenhagen can become a carbon-neutral municipality.


As part of the City of Copenhagen’s Climate Plan 2035, which will come into force from 2026, the Technical and Environmental Administration has chosen to initiate a citizen involvement process that will provide a broader insight into how Copenhageners envision a good Copenhagen life with greatly reduced CO2 emissions. Initially, the Citizens’ Assembly on the climate area will investigate how the City of Copenhagen can help citizens get started with the sustainable transition in their own everyday lives.


The Copenhagen Citizens’ Assembly on the climate area is initially tasked with answering the following key question: “What does a good life in Copenhagen look like with far fewer greenhouse gas emissions from the consumption of food, housing and transport, and how can we best achieve this together?” Over the course of six meetings, citizens will work together to develop recommendations that respond to the core task and submit them to the citizen representation, which will consider the recommendations.


We Do Democracy is behind the design and facilitation of the citizens’ council. The most important task is to ensure a good working process for the citizens’ council, where the necessary background information and conditions are provided so that the members of the citizens’ council can finalise the recommendations.


The recommendations from the Copenhagen Citizens’ Assembly on the climate area are not yet finalised, but will be added to the site as soon as they are available. Follow our social media channels for regular updates or read more on the website of the Citizens’ Assembly on the climate area.

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Zakia Elvang

Zakia Elvang

Partner and democracy advisor